Crypto-Security Essentials Course


Why You Should Care About Crypto-Security

Billions In Crypto Has Been Lost or Stolen


Contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrency exchanges are NOT a safe place to keep your cryptocurrency

Again, cryptocurrency exchanges are NOT a safe place to keep your cryptocurrency.

Yes, they’re easy. Yes, they make you feel safe. But in reality cryptocurrency exchanges get hacked all the time. Cryptocurrency exchanges go down all the time. And billions upon billions of dollars has been lost or stolen from exchanges, hackers, scammers and more.

Don’t let this happen to you.

I’ve had $1000s of dollars stolen from me when one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada (QuadrigaCX) mysteriously “closed its doors”.

Thousands gone, in a second. 

Remember, there is NO WAY for you to recover your cryptocurrency if you:

  • Lose your passwords
  • Get hacked
  • Your exchange gets hacked or goes down
  • Your crypto is stolen
  • You send it to the wrong cryptocurrency address

Don’t let crypto-losses happen to you because of poor security. 

What You'll Get In The Crypto-Security Essentials Course

Keep Your Crypto Safe

Here’s what you learn in the course:

  • How to safely store your cryptocurrency
  • What to look for in cryptocurrency exchanges
  • What to look for before you send or receive cryptocurrency
  • How to verify transfers and transactions
  • Backups & fail-safes
  • How to minimize your online risk
  • Avoiding Scammers & Imposters & Rug-pulls (yes, it’s a term)
  • Reducing your real-world risk

You’ll also get:

  • Pre-Course insights before you start the course
  • Live training
  • Participate in a limited class size (10 people or less)
  • The ability to ask questions
  • Have 3-4h of training (depending on class size)
  • Tips & Tricks 
  • Crypto-Transfer Checklist

Each Course Is:

  1. Limited to 10 people or less 
  2. Taught live so you can ask questions
  3. 3-4h long depending on class size
  4. Requires a minimum of 4 people
Your crypto is worth more than you think

Keep your crypto safe & secure for only $250

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